Register an app link

You can register a link in a specific menu in Silverfin to send a user
from a context in Silverfin to your service or app. This can be useful
for things like e-signing flows, data integrations and more.
Please keep in mind that AppLinks are scoped to users, meaning only the
user who creates them has permissions to delete them. Also, fetching the
list of AppLinks will return those created by the user making the request.

Adding AppLinks as a partner

If you're a partner, the placement options for marketplace reconciliation
text and/or export files is the one you will need if you want to add a
link for a globally managed template across firms.
The marketplace placement options should only be used for integrations
that are meant for the vast majority of Silverfin's users.
Please contact Silverfin to request the necessary ids in such cases.
Since a marketplace reconciliation text/export file/report is globally
managed and used across multiple firms, this means that when this option
is used, the AppLink will be shown in the menu of all companies, and for
every firm that uses this marketplace export file.
For the ids in the placement options, you can provide a single id value
or multiple values. In case you omit the value (no id added) for the
placement options, your AppLink will be added to ALL templates of that

Required scope(s): links

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