OAuth application scopes

For further improving security, you can limit your OAuth application to only be enabled to access data within certain scopes.

When integrating with the Silverfin API, it's essential to exercise caution and only enable the API scopes you genuinely require for your application's functionality. Enabling unnecessary scopes can pose security risks and potentially expose sensitive data.


We currently support the following scopes:

  • administration:read
  • administration:write
  • communication:read
  • communication:write
  • financials:read
  • financials:write
  • financials:transactions:read
  • financials:transactions:write
  • links
  • permanent_documents:read
  • permanent_documents:write
  • user:email
  • user:firm
  • user:profile
  • webhooks
  • workflows:read
  • workflows:write

Scoping questions

Example of required dataScope(s)
Do you require to retrieve user details on the user that authorised the API?user:email, user:profile
Do you require to retrieve the details from the firm of the user?user:firm
Will you be fetching data from users within Silverfin via the API?administration:read
Will you be managing users within Silverfin via the API (create, modify or deactivate)?administration:write
Will you be fetching data from companies in Silverfin?administration:read
Will you be managing companies in Silverfin (create, modify, archive)?administration:write
Does your project involve fetching data regarding the periods of a specific company?administration:read, financials:read, communication:read
Will you be fetching data from either one of these template types: reconciliations, permanent_texts, reports, accounts, adjustments?financials:read
Will you be pushing data to these templates?financials:write
Will you fetch data or read the status from the used workflows?workflows:read
Will you be managing workflows in Silverfin with the API (add, archive, re-activate)?workflows:write
Does the application need to be able to access documents in a specific company?permanent_documents:read
Will you be uploading / downloading documents and creating folder structures in Silverfin?permanent_documents:write
In order to limit the amount of poll requests, will you pick up events through webhooks?webhooks
Do you intend to send requests to your platform via user actions?links
Are you intending to read out the Silverfin communication?communication:read
Will you create new communication notes in Silverfin (remarks, comments, to-do’s) ?communication:write