MethodReturn typeDescription
asset?booleanReturns true if the account is an asset.
asset_or_expensebooleanReturns true if the account is an asset or an expense.
credit_valuedecimalReturns the credit value of the account.
customcustom dropA way to attach custom information to n account.
debit_valuedecimalReturns the debit value of the account.
details (deprecated)details dropReturns a details drop with all details of the account.
equity?booleanReturns true if the account is an equity account.
expense?booleanReturns true if the account is an expense account.
idintegerThe unique id for the account.
income?booleanReturns true if the account is an income account.
liability?booleanReturns true if the account is a liability account.
liability_or_incomebooleanReturns true if the account is a liability or an income.
linkstring with linkThe number and name of the account with a link to the account itself.
namestringThe name of the account.
mapped_numberstringThe mapped account number.
numberstringThe number of the account defined in an account collection. Could be the original number or the mapped number, depending on the client's configuration.
opening_valuedecimalThe opening value of the account.
original_namestringThe original name of the account (before mapping).
original_numberstringThe original number of the account (before mapping).
resultsReturns a results drop with all results of the account.
transactionstransactions dropReturns a transactions drop with all transactions of the account.
valuedecimalReturns the value of the account in the current period.
value_without_adjustmentsdecimalReturns the value before adjustments.