MethodReturn typeDescription
handlestringThe handle of the reconciliation.
hidden?booleanReturns true if the reconciliation is hidden; false if the reconciliation is shown.
namestringThe name of the reconciliation.
numberstringReturns the virtual account number.
resultscollectionA collection with the names and values of all result tags. Using the name as a method will return the value.
starred?booleanReturns true if the reconciliation is starred; returns false if the reconciliation is unstarred.
exists?booleanReturns true if the reconciliation exists; otherwise it returns false.

Current reconciliation

You can easily get information about the current reconciliation you are working on, using some method on the 'current_reconciliation' drop.

Handle : {{ current_reconciliation.handle }}
Name : {{ }}
Starred?: {{ current_reconciliation.starred? }}
Virtual account number: {{ current_reconciliation.number }}