Style and structure

Be consistent in the style, structure, calculations, etc. across all templates.

Capital letters

When a heading/title contains two or more words, only the first letter of the first word should be in capital, unless stated otherwise. Also the first letter of a placeholder should always be in capital letters. Please see the example below:



In general, colours should not be used when creating a template in liquid. ‘Export Styles’ should be used for customising the colours of templates.


  • As a general rule, try to avoid abbreviations and acronyms, to ensure the formal style of the template.
  • Using an abbreviation/acronym over full words may cause a number of problems, especially when working in different languages. Since one abbreviation/acronym may have several different meanings, it could be difficult for the user to understand and translate the word correctly.
  • In case an abbreviation or acronym is used, write down their meaning when you first use it, including the acronym itself in parentheses, e.g. Application Program Interface (API).
  • Always use appropriate punctuation marks at the end of a sentence/paragraph.


If you use translations on your template make sure all parts of the code are adequately translated (e.g. placeholders, infotexts, etc.).


  • For long templates, ensure headers are used to break up sections and make the template more legible.
  • Do not mention the name of a template in the header in order to avoid duplication.
  • Where multiple accounts/reconciliation templates are linked (e.g. packages like CT, annual accounts, etc.) add a navigation bar on top. In other cases (e.g. when only one template is connected or we need to specify certain information about a specific template), show infotext with a link to the related template. Please see examples and code below:
{% ic %}
{% stripnewlines %}

|{% linkto period.reconciliations.general_info %}General Settings{% endlinkto %}|{% linkto period.reconciliations.frs105_overview %}Overview{% endlinkto %}|{% linkto period.reconciliations.frs105_general_information %}Company Information{% endlinkto %} {% newline %}
|:----42%---:|:--16%---:|:---42%---:# {% newline %}

{% newline %}
{% endstripnewlines %}
{% endic %}

# Statutory information
{% stripnewlines %}
{% ic %}
Please input client’s share types nominal value and amount of shares in template: {% linkto period.reconciliations.types_of_shares %}{{ }}{% endlinkto %}.
{% endic %}
{% endstripnewlines %}


The default footer code should be used across all templates and has to be allocated at the bottom.