• Suggestions for new table improvements:
    • do not expand table borders to cover the whole width of the page (e.g. if you have 2 columns that only take 25% of the page, the new table expands the second column to the right side of the page);
    • have a bold border above total and subtotal value rows (maybe a thiner one for subtotal)
  • If a table is used more than once in the same template, it should have identical format throughout the whole template to keep consistency.

Standard table with text and calculations

  • Headings/column names should be centred and in bold.
  • Sub headings/second name of the column should be aligned to the right.
  • Table text, e.g. name of a row, other information, should be aligned to the left.
  • Numeric values should be aligned to the right.
  • Word total and total value should be always in bold and capital letters.
  • Subtotals should always be bold and lower case.
  • We recommend using the new table format when possible (#).
  • If we create a template with the new table format that needs to be exported, make sure you put the definition of the new table (#) between 'ic' tags as in the example below so that the old format is used instead in export mode.
{% stripnewlines %}
| Header 1
| Header 2
{% newline %}
|--------{% ic %}#{% endic %}+
{% newline %}
| content
| content
{% endstripnewlines %}


New table format

Please see the example below for the new table format.