Adjustment button

The adjustment button tag is used to make an adjustment

By using adjustment button tag you can create a button that would automatically make an adjustment, filled with values taken from Liquid logic.

{% adjustmentbutton text:"create new adjustment" category:"internal" %}
{% adjustmenttransaction account_number:"100000" description:"Some description" value:1000.23 %}
{% adjustmenttransaction account_number:"120000" description:"Some other description" value:-1000.23 %}
{% endadjustmentbutton %}


Purpose attribute allows to create an adjustment that belongs to a unique purpose. For more information on the application of the purpose attribute, please have a look at the case on the Silverfin Developers Community.

{% comment %}create unique "purpose" ID to use in our purpose attribute{% endcomment %}
{% assign selected_accounts = custom.accounts.counter | prepend:"selected_accounts_for:" %}
{% adjustmentbutton text:adj_txt purpose:selected_accounts %}