The unreconciled tag is used to indicate when a template is reconciled or not in the working papers.

Unreconciled tags are used to indicate whether or not a template in the working papers (account or reconciliation template) is reconciled; this is used quite often and has a direct impact on the progress of the working papers.

When the formula within an unreconciled tag has zero as an outcome (not to be mistaken for empty), the template will be fully reconciled and a green dot will be visible at the template level.

{% unreconciled -income.value-$1 %}


The variable income.value is a total of all 70-accounts (outputted in minus), which is why our formula takes another value ($1, which is a positive number) into minus.
Obviously, the formula has to take into account the values of each segment.

Formula equal to zero (reconciled)
Formula different from zero (unreconciled)


More than 1 unreconciled tag

A combination of more than one unreconciled tag within one template can be used as well. In this case each unreconciled tag should have zero as an outcome for the whole template to be reconciled. If one unreconciled has a difference from zero, the template will never be reconciled.

Unreconciled as indicator

When using more than one unreconciled tag, it can become hard to see which parts of the template need to be reconciled.
In such case, it is suggested using the unreconciled tag as an indicator: this means the output of the formula within the unreconciled tag, will be made visible with a red triangle (in case of unreconciled) or a green dot (in case of reconciled).

{{ -income.value | currency }} {% unreconciled -income.value-$1 as:indicator %}

The code above is hard to see when trying to scroll right.

Formula equal to zero (reconciled)
Formula different from zero (unreconciled)

Unreconciled text attribute

When our indicator is unreconciled (red triangle) we can add a string of text to explain the difference by adding the unreconciled_text attribute:

{% unreconciled -income.value-$1 as:indicator unreconciled_text:'Difference explanation' %}