Template types: texts/documents

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Texts are templates that are not period specific.

A good example of a text template would be an engagement letter. The information you would show/complete there is specific to the company file you’re working on but not specific to a certain period.

Texts can be found under the documents section on company level. Sometimes we also refer to texts as documents because that’s where they can be found on company level.

Pros and cons

The advantage of working in a text is that when saving the template, you immediately see the output of your code when you are on company level. You can just start typing what ever you want in the liquid editor, click on save this text and that will take you immediately to the output of your code.

A disadvantage of texts is that they don’t have a unique identifier and cannot be referenced in other templates, so it won’t be possible to have data coming from a text template flow through to another template.

How to create a text template?

  • Create a custom text template easily starting from the documents section on company level
  • Create a new empty text or use an existing template
  • After you have created your custom text, you can make the text available on firm level as a template by using one of the options under actions “create a template”