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A for loop repeatedly executes a block of code
We can use a for loop to create a long list with less code and prevent manual input. The loop is used in liquid to create a specific number of iterations. The loop ends once all data has been run through.


The for loop should always be opened and closed.

{% for item in collection %}
{% endfor %}

The item is the keyword which we will name the for loop, name it without spaces or punctuation.
The collection is where we provide a set of data or collection for the database.

How to use the for loop

To use the forloop we need a set of data and define it.

{% assign test_array = "test 1| test 2| test 3| test 4" | split:"|" %}

{% for item in test_array %}
	{{ item }}
{% endfor %}

A for loop can also be used to loop through information from the database

{% for employee in custom.my_employees %}
	{{ }}
{% endfor %}