Liquid guidelines


In the next sections you will find some general practices that should be useful at the time of writing your code, and their use will also improve the readability of the code among different developers.


These liquid guidelines are designed to ensure high quality in the liquid code across all templates, independent of who created the template. Hence, these guidelines include a variety of recommendations and good advices. The goal for all liquid developers, both Silverfin and third parties, to develop code that is:

  • uniform
  • systematic
  • readable
  • maintainable

All our coding should be in accordance with the UX Guidelines. This document only contains guidelines, for a full list of all possible tags and syntaxes, you can visit the Silverfin templating language documentation. Also, on the online community you can start discussions with fellow programmers:

To achieve the above stated goals, you can use this document during the creation or review (along with the definition of done) of your template.