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Learn how to make your own Silverfin templates

The Silverfin Templating Language is based on the programming language 'Liquid' and is easy to learn and code. You do not have to be an expert in programming to understand the language.

This website documents everything that you need to know to be able to maintain and build your custom templates.

Silverfin Templating Language

This first section contains information about the building blocks of the Silverfin Templating Language:

  • Basics contains information about the kind of syntaxes used in Silverfin. It also explains how styling works, what operators are exactly, and how to do some basic math in Liquid.

  • Tags control what the templates do and add certain logic to your code. They allow you to create variables, translate your templates or activate input fields.

  • Drops are collections that contain all kinds of information available within Silverfin. This ranges from people data to data linked to a certain period.

  • Filters can be useful to manipulate the data and modify your output in the way that you want.

  • Tables are key if you want to display your information in a structured way. This section contains more information about how to create tables in both Markdown and HMTL.


In the conventions section, we provide you with a couple of guidelines and best practices that can come in handy when working with Silverfin. The section is split up between UX guidelines and Code conventions.

Useful information

The useful information section contains more elaborate information. These guides cover certain concepts from start to finish and provide examples along the way.

Liquid testing

The Liquid testing section will provide you with all the information you will need to set up your own tests.
You will learn more about what liquid testing is, and what benefits it gives along with information about how to do it. There is also a page dedicated to YAML, the language that is used to code the liquid tests.

Liquid academy

This is the go-to section if you are completely new to the Silverfin Templating Language.
It provides information on all the basic topics of Liquid coding in a structured way. This is often accompanied by a useful video to provide better insights/examples.

Developer Community


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Did you know that we have a Community forum where you can raise questions if you are ever stuck while coding? On top of that, we regularly update it with interesting cases where we take a better look at certain Liquid concepts.

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